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What is Mila?

Mila ( is an intermediary for crowd services. On you can find and book tech-savvy people near you, or offer your own technical know-how. Approved private individuals (Friends) nearby offer customers support with technical issues such as installation, troubleshooting or training on how to use technical products.

Was bedeutet der Hinweis “Ihre Mitarbeiter müssen noch erfasst werden”?

As a company with multiple employees, you need to register a dispatcher who is responsible for managing company data and allocating the service orders to employees. In order to send the orders to your employees, you must first register them. You can add or delete employees at any time in your company profile. It is important to use a personal email address for each employee since …

Wie erhalte und verteile ich die Aufträge als Dispatcher?

After your profile as a dispatcher has been approved activated and the employees have been established, you will automatically receive orders via Mila. In order to provide a guaranteed answer to the customer, these are sent to multiple Pros. You will receive an email notification when an order is received. You can confirm this by clicking the Accept button in the email and then allocating …

Gibt es eine Mila App?

Yes, we have an app! It is available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. It allows Friends and Pros to access their service requests from wherever they are. Moreover, with the assistance of the Mila app, you can easily work on your orders while you’re on the customer’s premises.
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