How can I register on Stripe?

Stripe is a service provider which enables customers to pay by credit card via Friends and Pros can register, connect the account to their Mila profile and easily process payments. The cash is transferred to your bank account within mere days.

The easiest way to register is via the Mila profile. In order to do that, go to your profile page and click on “Authorize account”.

Enter your data. Attention: As a company name, choose your name or, if applicable, the registered name of your business. This is highly important, since invoices will be issued under this  this name.

Make sure that the right country is selected in the menu (as is, for instance, Germany in the picture below).

  1. Briefly describe which services you offer.
  2. Do NOT enter as your website.
  3. Do NOT enter Mila as your business. In case you do not have a business, you can simply enter your name.

As soon as you have authorized your submissions, your account is set up and connected to your Mila profile. Customers can now pay you via

Please note that you will still have to verify yourself in your Stripe account.

Alternatively, you can open up your account by way of the activation mail. This mail was sent to you automatically by Stripe. In case you have not received the mailing, you can request it in your Mila profile by clicking on “Authorize” (you can also find this link unter “Activate” in your account).

Click on the activation link, choose and set your password and save it. In your newly opened account, go to the tab “Transfers” and enter your bank data.

Please note that you will have to verify yourself in your Stripe account.

Once you are logged in on the Mila website you will be able to confirm your account with Mila by clicking on “Activate”.

You already have a Stripe account which you have used beforehand? You can connect it to your Mila profile (as described above), in case it was opened with the same mail address.

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