How can I make my profile attractive to clients?

Here some advices to make your profile attractive to potential customer:

  1. Your profile picture is one of the first thing customers pay attention to! Choose your picture carefully (more informations in the FAQ “How do I choose a good profile picture?”)
  2. The ratings you get from clients are very important for your future customers. In order to get good ratings please follow these advices:
    • Contact your client as soon as possible after accepting their demande. Never forget that the platform offers an on-demand service.
    • Be flexible about time and place of your appointments
    • Always be on time for your appointments and act professional
    • Be your best ambassador: Be friendly, act professional and smile, it always helps 🙂
  3. The informations in your profile allows the customer getting to know you better:
    • Make sure that your profile informations are accurate
    • Keep your profile up to date : add or delete informations if needed
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