Monthly Archive: May 2017

How do I accept a request?

You will be notified via App when a request is received. You can accept these by clicking on the ‘Accept’ button. In order to ensure that customers receive an immediate response, service requests will be sent to multiple Friends at the same time. The Friend who accepts a request first will get the job. If the request has already been accepted by another Friend, you will be notified accordingly. However, …

What do I need to sign up?

In order to register on the Mila platform you will need following documents/informations: Personal contact informations ID photo ( picture of your ID card, passport or driver licence) Picture of you (for you profile) Bank account details You also need a valid credit card because we will charge you the 20% commission of the service price on your credit card.  

Are there any social and tax obligations?

Every Friend is responsible for the declaration of its revenues to the social and tax administration. REMINDER SOCIAL AND TAX OBLIGATIONS: Please be aware that you have social and tax obligations while earning money with the platform. You will find more informations about it under following links (french): – –  

How do I get paid?

You are fully responsible to collect the money after providing a service and to contact the customer if he/she didn’t approve the payment via email. In order to get paid you need to close the order. There are three different options to get paid: On-site: You can directly collect the money cash from your customer on-site after you have completed your service. Credit Card: Closing an order …

What is Mila?

Mila ( is an intermediary for crowd services. On you can find and book tech-savvy people near you, or offer your own technical know-how. Approved private individuals (Friends) nearby offer customers support with technical issues such as installation, troubleshooting or training on how to use technical products.

Can I also turn down a job?

In order to ensure that customers receive a response, support requests will be sent to multiple Friends. You will receive notification by app when a customer request in your neighbourhood is received. It is important to turn down any jobs (‘decline request’) that you have no time to complete, or don’t wish to accept for any reason. This allows us to notify additional Friends to …

How do I forward the commission to Mila?

The commission can be settled via credit card. Go to your settings (“Outstanding fees”) in the Mila dashboard in order to activate the credit card. As soon as you have activated that we will credit all your commissions there. Potential payment fees are already included in the commission. You are able to regulate that payments are made automatically. This way, you don not need to take care …

What is a Friend?

Friends are tech-savvy people that like to share their digital know-how around their local community and help customers to keep their home connected by solving easy handling and installation cases, such as setting up a internet or a smartphone. All individuals are working in their own name and are independent contractors.
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