How do I make my profile picture look good?

Your picture is the most important aspect of your profile alongside your skillset. Your profile functions as a business card and should meet certain requirements, so we’re happy to give you a few tips here to help you select a picture that is suitable for your Friend profile:

General tips:

  • Your face should be clearly recognisable in the photo.
  • The photo should not show anyone but you.
  • A portrait photo is ideal.
  • Please don’t use a passport photo as far as possible
  • A friendly smile makes you more approachable.
  • A neutral background will avoid distracting the customer unnecessarily.

Format requirements:

  • Landscape orientation
  • Optimum sizes: width of 1000 pixels by height of 1000 pixels
  • Please ensure that the picture is sufficiently large to ensure a high resolution, and if possible, make sure that your face is positioned in the centre of the image.
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